Three of Heesterman's Articles

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  Dear Colleagues and friends,

Does anyone have access to a PDF copy of these articles? Our library
apparently doesn't have online access to these particular articles and
before trying to find a printed copy in the library or through the
inter-loan I would like to ask you if you have them at hand. Any efforts
are highly appreciated.
1) The *ancient Indian royal consecration *(rãjasuya)
JC Heesterman - 1982 - The Hague: Mouton
2) The *Ancient Indian Royal Consecration*: The Rājasūya Described
according to the Yajus Texts and Annotated.'s-Gravenhage: Mouton

 3) King and warriorJC HeestermanHistory and Anthropology  Volume
Issue 1 <>, 1989 pages 97-122
*DOI:*10.1080/02757206.1989.9960795 [image: King and warrior]

If any of you has any of these and can send them to me off-list I would be
very thankful.

Thank you very much.

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