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Thanks, Bill Mak. 


I just today heard from the inquirer that somewhere among the many wonderful suggestions sent on his behalf, he has found what he needed.

Thanks to the many other listfolks’ generosity with references.


Best wishes



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Two useful and often cited references to Hindu/Buddhist cosmology with abundant illustrations are:


Kirfel, Willibald. 1920. Die Kosmographie Der Inder. Bonn: Kurt Schroeder.           

Sadakata Akira 定方晟. 1985. インド宇宙誌: 宇宙の形状・宇宙の発生. 東京: 春秋社.          


Kirfel had a work devoted to the cosmology in Purāṇa which should of particular relevance to the query:

Kirfel, Willibald. 1954. Das Purāṇa Vom Weltgebäude (Bhuvanavinyāsa) : Die Kosmographischen Traktate Der Purāṇa's. Bonn: Selbstverlag des Orientalischen Seminars der Universität Bonn.        


Best regards


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On 2012/01/16, at 3:05, Dominik Wujastyk wrote:

There's a well-written article on Indian cosmology by Richard Gombrich here:

*	http://www.ocbs.org/richard-gombrich-library-ocbsmain-148

that may be of interest to your colleague.

Dominik Wujastyk

On 14 January 2012 23:03, Jo <jkirk at spro.net> wrote:

Dear List, 


A colleague not on this list agreed for me to post his query, sent originally to the risa-l list, on Indology.  I hope he’ll get some answers here.


Thanks and best wishes,

Joanna Kirkpatrick



> From: Joseph P. Elacqua <joseph.elacqua at gmail.com>


> Hello all.


> I have recently been looking into versions of the Hindu/Buddhist "map"

> of the world.  By this, I mean the description of Jambudvipa as the 

> central landmass in a series of concentric islands.  I am not overly 

> familiar with this schematic, but some Hindu sources I have 

> encountered describe this variously as "Bhumandala" or "Bhuloka."

> While this diagram appears in the Matsya Purana (perhaps 250-500 CE), 

> I am looking for references to or descriptions of this "map" in 

> earlier Hindu or Buddhist sacred or secular texts.  If anyone can 

> point me to an earlier reference or possibly to a study on the 

> origins of this diagram (preferably in English or Japanese language), 

> I would be

extremely grateful.


> I also have a related, but alternate request.  In my internet 

> searching, I have encountered an (un-cited) image of the Indian world 

> depicted as a four-petaled lotus of which Jambudvipa is the 

> southernmost petal and Mount Meru is its central blossom.  If anyone 

> can point to a textual description matching this (or any remotely 

> similar textual description), I would also be extremely grateful.


> Thank you very much for your assistance.  My apologies if there is 

> some major study on this topic that I have overlooked.


> Joseph P. Elacqua

> Mohawk Valley Community College



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