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Dear List, 


A colleague not on this list agreed for me to post his query, sent
originally to the risa-l list, on Indology.  I hope he'll get some answers


Thanks and best wishes,

Joanna Kirkpatrick



> From: Joseph P. Elacqua <joseph.elacqua at gmail.com>


> Hello all.


> I have recently been looking into versions of the Hindu/Buddhist "map"

> of the world.  By this, I mean the description of Jambudvipa as the 

> central landmass in a series of concentric islands.  I am not overly 

> familiar with this schematic, but some Hindu sources I have 

> encountered describe this variously as "Bhumandala" or "Bhuloka."

> While this diagram appears in the Matsya Purana (perhaps 250-500 CE), 

> I am looking for references to or descriptions of this "map" in 

> earlier Hindu or Buddhist sacred or secular texts.  If anyone can 

> point me to an earlier reference or possibly to a study on the 

> origins of this diagram (preferably in English or Japanese language), 

> I would be

extremely grateful.


> I also have a related, but alternate request.  In my internet 

> searching, I have encountered an (un-cited) image of the Indian world 

> depicted as a four-petaled lotus of which Jambudvipa is the 

> southernmost petal and Mount Meru is its central blossom.  If anyone 

> can point to a textual description matching this (or any remotely 

> similar textual description), I would also be extremely grateful.


> Thank you very much for your assistance.  My apologies if there is 

> some major study on this topic that I have overlooked.


> Joseph P. Elacqua

> Mohawk Valley Community College

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