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 From September 9th to 18th, the traditional "Almindologie" ("mountain 
meadow Indology") in the mountains south of Munich, in Bavaria, Germany 
will take place again. This is a summer school organized by the Manya 
Institute, a small private institute for Indological studies in Munich. 
where intensive courses and workshops are offered.

For this year, a few admissions are still possible.

This time, two courses are being offered, in Sanskrit and Alu-Kurumba 
(both conducted in German):

(1) an introductory course in the Alu-Kurumba language, one of the most 
important languages in the tribal area of the Nilgiri mountains in 
northwestern Tamilnadu. The course will be given by Prof. em. Dr. Dieter 
Kapp of Cologne, who has achieved a worldwide reputation as one of the 
leading Nilgiri researchers. Not only will the language be taught: 
Professor Kapp will also provide ample anthropological and cultural 
information about this tribe, with the help of visual materials from his 
fieldwork. No preliminary background knowledge is required (although 
knowledge of other Dravidian languages, such as Kannada or Tamil, is of 
course useful).

(2) Sanskrit reading: excerpts from the important tantric text 
Yoginīhṛdaya, together with an introduction to śākta-tantric thought, 
offered by the Munich Indologist Eva-Maria Glasbrenner, M.A. 
Participation in this course requires at least basic knowledge of 
Sanskrit (at least one year). This course also serves as an introduction 
to the technique of reading classical Indian commentaries on 
philosophical texts.

The courses will be conducted in German, as mentioned above.

The cost of participation for these 10 days, including lodging in the 
chalet and daily vegetarian all-you-can-eat meals, is 200 Euros for 
students (amounting to 20 Euro per day) and 420 Euro (42 Euros per day) 
for non-students. Further information, registration forms etc. can be 
found online at

Registration is possible until August 31st at info at

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