"Intermediate" Sanskrit study in Paris

Fitzgerald, James james_fitzgerald at BROWN.EDU
Fri Apr 27 14:21:33 UTC 2012

Dear colleagues,

An undergraduate Sanskrit student from Brown University, who will have
completed 3 semesters of Sanskrit by this coming January (2013) [which
means he will have read a good number of adhyāyas from the the MBh and, or,
Rm, as well as many ślokas from the BG], will be in Paris on an exchange
program from about January to May of 2013. He would like to be able to
enroll in some kind of organized, academic study of Sanskrit that would
correspond to continued "intermediate" level reading  (epic or purāṇic
narrative, kathā literature, nīti kathās, etc.), as he hopes to continue
his study of Sanskrit after his semester in Paris. French medium of
instruction would be perfectly suitable. If anyone knows of an appropriate
institution or contact person who might guide this able and eager student,
I would appreciate it. Please contact me off-list at
James_Fitzgerald at Brown.edu.

Many thanks,  Jim Fitzgerald

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