Leiden Summer School

peter bisschop pcbisschop at GOOGLEMAIL.COM
Tue Apr 17 10:48:50 UTC 2012

Dear Colleagues,

> From 16-27 July the 2012 Leiden Summer School in Languages and
Linguistics will be held at Leiden University. The Indological
programme consists of four courses:

Werner Knobl:  Features of Vedic Poetry (9.30 - 11.00)
Werner Knobl: The Syntax of Vedic Prose (11.30 - 13.00)
Peter Bisschop: Readings in Early Śaiva Literature (14.00 - 15.30)
Csaba Dezső: Selected Passages of Sanskrit Prose Poetry (16.00 - 17.30)

Students can make their own programme by selecting courses from this
and/or other programmes on offer (Germanic, Indo-European, Iranian,
Russian, Semitic). For a full description of the programme see the
Summer School website:

I would appreciate it if you could inform interested students about
the Summer School.

With best wishes,
Peter Bisschop

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