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I would like to thank prof. John Brockington for scanning and sending the article. This kind of help is invaluable!!!
Anna Slaczka
The Rijksmuseum,

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Subject: [INDOLOGY] article needed

Dear Friends and Colleagues,
Once again I have to ask your help in finding an article. And, again, from the same publication as (once) before, unavailable where I am.
It is: Viåvambharâ: probings
in orientology (prof. V.S. Pathak festschrift), vol. 2, ed. Ajay
Mitra Shastri, Devendra Handa and C.S. Gupta. New Delhi: Harman Publishing
On p. 278 and 293 there is an article (articles?) talking about inscriptions/graffiti in Khajuraho. I don't know the author or title of the article, this is all what google gives me. :-)
I would be very grateful for a scan!
Best regards,
Anna Slaczka.
The Rijksmuseum

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