secularism: ‘sarva dharma sama bhava' vs. 'panthnirpeksha'

Peter Friedlander peterfriedlander at YAHOO.COM.AU
Tue Sep 6 12:18:14 UTC 2011

Dear Colleagues,I am looking at various Hindi words for secularism. ‘sarva dharma samabhava'  was I believe coined by M.K. Gandhi in 1930, but do any of you know if it has any earlier provenance?The other terms I am looking at are dharmanirpeksha, the most ordinary Hindi term, and 'panth nirpeksha' the term which is in the Hindi version of the constitution. Does anybody know where I can find the story of how the Hindi version of the constitution ended up with the term panth nirpeksha?Peter 

Peter Friedlander
Asian StudiesLa Trobe University

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