A coffee break conference

elisa freschi elisa.freschi at GMAIL.COM
Fri Sep 2 13:35:48 UTC 2011

Dear colleagues,

everyone passing through Italy is invited to the second  "coffee break  
conference" on Classical and Contemporary South Asian to be held in  
Rome, Sapienza University, next week (8th to 10th September).

For further info, check the website:

For what "coffee break conference" means, please see below:

The present project is the result of a larger reflection on the common  
sensical statement that the most interesting parts of a conference are  
the coffee breaks. One yawns or falls asleep while most papers are  
read –apart from a couple of them and one’s own one. On the other  
hand, one often takes part of challenging and fascinating debates  
while sipping at one’s cup of coffee. Often, the same paper sounds  
thought-provoking and insightful during the break, and extremely  
boring while it is actually read.
This leaves space enough for the proposal of a coffee break- 
conference, that is, a conference which leaves behind the more stiff  
formulations of established and untouchables conclusions, and favours  
an open-minded exchange of ideas, suggestions, criticisms.  In a  
nutshell, we hope to have less read papers and more discussions.

The organizers
(matilde adduci, cristina bignami, paola cagna, giovanni ciotti,  
daniele cuneo, marco ferrante, camillo formigatti, elisa freschi,  
elisa ganser, artemij keidan, elena mucciarelli, mark schneider)

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