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Anna A. Slaczka annamisia at YAHOO.COM
Wed Oct 5 07:22:19 UTC 2011

Dear Friends and Colleagues,
Again, I have to ask you for help. I am urgently looking for an article published in the Prof. Krishna Chandra Panigrahi Commemoration Volume, New Delhi, 1994. The book is not available in the Netherlands.
The article is by K.K. Dasgupta: "Nataraja images of Bengal and Orissa - a comparative approach".
I would be extremely grateful if someone with an easy access to a library housing this volume could scan the article and send it to me off-list. Unfortunately, hundreds of such commemoration volumes is being produced in India containing sometimes very valuable articles, but they almost never make it to a Western library...
With all my best wishes,
Dr. Anna A. Slaczka
The Rijksmuseum

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