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In Kannada, I have never heard or seen anything other than Muṃbai / Muṃbayi. There is also a persistant belief that Muṃbādēvi is a Kannada-speaking goddess; I have not read this anywhere, nor do I know anything about the origin of this belief, but in conversations with numerous persons throughout Karnataka I have heard this repeatedly.


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> I am posting this query on behalf of Hal Schiffman.  Please send
> responses directly to him: haroldfs at GMAIL.COM
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> -------
> "I've been asked by a colleague in another (non-South Asian) area of the
> world
> what is the history of colonial city naming in India, and whether it is
> possible to
> reconstruct what the "original" names for Bombay/Mumbai, Madras/Chennai, and
> Calcutta/Kolkata.
> Two questions in particular I have is whether (1) Bombay was ever called
> Mumbai by
> speakers of other languages of India, other than Marathi,

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