Jhakataka and bhakataka?

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Dear Friends,
By appearance jhakataka is of onomatopoeic origin, like cakacaka and cikacika, both attested and capable of giving rise to derivatives
like cākacakya and alikes. Also look into the NIA adverbs jhakjhak and taktak ‘shining’  ‘exquisite’. 
But please examine the available cases because I myself have not and am not
in a position to do. I have no desire of unintentionally misleading.
Best wishes

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Excellent -- thank you very much! Bha- may, of course, easily be a 
misreading for jha- in some scripts.


Peter Wyzlic skrev 2011-05-12 11:50:
> Richard Schmidt: Nachträge zum Sanskrit-Wörterbuch (1928), p. 194 lists
> jhakaṭaka, "Streit" (quarrel); Jhakaṭakasāra, proper name; jhagaṭaka. He
> does not have an entry bhakaṭaka.
> Google Books gives some results, too. E.g., Abhijit Ghosh: Non-Aryan
> linguistic elements in the Atharvaveda: a study of some words of Austric
> origin. Calcutta: Sanskrit Pustak Bhandar, 2000, p. 158 (for jhakaṭaka).
> Hope it helps
> Peter Wyzlic

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