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Hello Anna,

     I have a pdf file of this text (Vasantarajasakuna) that I downloaded from some source that I can no longer identify.  It is 34mb.  If you are unable to find a download link or a library copy, contact me and I can find some way of getting that pdf to you.  Best,

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Dear members of the list,
I need to find a copy of Sanskrit text 'śakunārṇava' = 'śakuna' of Vasantarāja (11 century) for my master's theses.
The text was published 1940, Mumbānagara, 1963, Bombay, reprinted 1987, Mumbaī .
If anyone has access to an electronic version, please share the link. Or may be it can be ordered from a library.
Thank you

Anna Kavaleuskaya
Copenhagen University

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