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George Thompson gthomgt at GMAIL.COM
Thu Mar 31 01:18:41 UTC 2011

>  Dear List,

Apparently spam emails have been sent to many list members from my email
address.  I apologize for the inconvenience.  I am often asked by students
[and sometimes also by other faculty members and scholars] to join their
professional network.  I am not much interested in such things, but I often
accept the invitation, out of ritual politeness [you know, what is called
interaction ritual].  In this case, when I accepted the 'invitation' I was
taken to some loop from which I could not find a way to escape.  As a
result, this obnoxious website was able to troll my email address book and
send fake 'invitations' from 'me' to everyone on my address book.

This is spam.  It is not a virus or malware.  Thus nobody's computer is in
any danger.  I  am sorry  for any inconvenience to you.   But the greatest
inconvenience has been to me, since I have had to answer roughly 25 emails
asking me if my 'invitation' was genuine.

It wasn't.  It was spam.

Best wishes,

George Thompson

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