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I agree with this view. Jurewicz'z is undoubtedly a novel approach

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Subject: [INDOLOGY] New book on Ṛg Veda
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I would like to draw the attention of colleagues to the publication by Joanna Jurewicz, Fire and Cognition in the Ṛgveda, ELIPSA, Warsaw 2010.  ISBN 978-83-7151-893-5 (pbk), 485pp.
Her use of cognitive linguistics as a key to unlock the meanings of many Vedic passages hitherto considered obscure is to my mind completely convincing.  Rarely does it happen that
anyone follows a new approach to interpreting an acknowledged masterpiece of
world literature, and more rarely still are the results so illuminating that they
may rank as a true discovery.
The book is not available on Amazon, but it is cheap (this page is in English), put in keywords  fire & Veda.  Click to put in your basket.  Then proceed to checkout.  At this stage you will be asked to open an  account.  This is normal for bookshops and is without obligation.  You will receive confirmation by email and then you can click on the link given in this email and proceed to payment page. 
Richard Gombrich

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