Tartars in Sanskrit?

Martin Gansten martin.gansten at PBHOME.SE
Wed Mar 9 21:24:23 UTC 2011

Although I can't claim any real knowledge of the history of the name, I 
do believe the first r to be a corruption, albeit a readily 
understandable one (ta-tar > tar-tar, by analogy), which could have 
occurred in Indian languages as well as in Latin. Tārtīya does look 
rather odd, but the meaning would fit very well. Here is the snippet:

brahmadveṣituruṣkasambhavam idaṃ tārtīyakaṃ vidyate
śāstraṃ [...]


Lubin, Tim skrev 2011-03-09 21:55:
> I have always been led to believe that 'Tartar' was a European
> corruption of 'Tātār' (as in Persian), perhaps by association with
> Latin Tartarus.  In that case, I would have expected a Sanskrit
> rendering to be begin taataar- or taatar-, no?  Or are matters less
> clearcut than that?  Perhaps you can give us the relevant snippet.

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