Leiden Summer School

Jonathan Silk kauzeya at GMAIL.COM
Mon Mar 7 08:43:10 UTC 2011

On behalf of the organizers, I forward the following announcement--in
particular, note that there are four classes in Sanskrit (including Middle
Indic, in casu, Gāndhārī):

We are happy to announce the sixth edition of the *Leiden Summer School in
Languages and Linguistics* which will be held from 18 July – 29 July 2011 at
the Faculty of Humanities of Leiden University.

The Summer School offers a number of courses on a wide range of subjects in
the field of languages and linguistics.

This year, the Summer School will consist of six programmes, including
courses for beginners as well as for advanced students, taught by
internationally renowned specialists:

Germanic Programme
Indo-European Programme
*Indological Programme *
Iranian Programme
Semitic Programme
Russian Programme

For more information and registration, visit: *

Yours sincerely,
Alexander Lubotsky (director)
Tina Janssen (organizer)

Comparative Indo-European Linguistics
Leiden University
PO Box 9515
NL-2300 RA Leiden
The Netherlands

J. Silk
Instituut Kern / Universiteit Leiden
Leiden University Institute for Area Studies, LIAS
Johan Huizinga Building, Room 1.37
Doelensteeg 16
2311 VL Leiden
The Netherlands

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