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Dear Colleague, 

I do not know if the following will be of any help.

The transformation from the paśu-state to the śiśu-s. and
then to śiva-s. is dealt with in the Śāradātilaka
and the Padārthādarśa in the chapter on Kriyāvatī Dīkṣā.

studies were made by the present author in the seventies, published 1984. Pardon
unintended self-canvassing.



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Subject: [INDOLOGY] Query
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A colleague who is not on Indology has asked me a question to which I do not have a ready answer. So I promised him that I will post it on Indology, which generally elicits great answers from the pandit-network worldwide. The question relates to any studies done on the contrasting themes of "paśubhāva, vīrabhāva, and divyabhāva" -- I assume within the Śaiva-Tantrik traditions. Thanks for any leads.

Patrick Olivelle

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