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There are multiple references in Buddhist and Nyāya literature to the  
power of mantras to cure snake bites, etc. This generally accepted  
“fact” has become the standard example for the visible results of the  
Vedic rituals and is used to infer the general validity of the Veda.  
See for instance V. Eltschinger, Dharmakīrti sur les mantra et la  
perception du supra-sensible. Wien 2001.
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> My book _The Roots of Ayurveda_ contains a translation of the first two
> chapters from the kalpasthana of the Susrutasamhita that deal with with
> attempts at poisoning a king and with poisons of vegetable origin.  In the
> introduction, I discuss the history of poisoning in India, the Venomous
> Virgin, and the spread in the medieval ME and Europe of Indian poison texts
> such as the pseudo-Canakya "Kitab al-Sumum," and the Venomous Virgin motif
> especially through through the Arabic Kitab Sir al-Asrar, the Latin Secretum
> Secretorum, and the popular Gesta Romanorum.
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>> Dear List,
>> One of my former students is seeking bibliographic information on
>> poisons and their treatment in ancient India. Since I am familiar with
>> literature on the subject I am giving below her request for help:
>>  "I am looking for material for a paper on poisons, anti-venom drugs and
>> treatment in ancient India. I haven't come across too many secondary
>> writings on this."
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