Obituary for Lucy Bulliet

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Dear Michael Brattus Jones,

Thnaks for your reply, to which I sent a response privately.

Best wishes
Joanna Kirkpatrick 

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Dear Professor Kirkpatrick (and list members),

I'm not sure if you are referring to the (planned) bibliography
of Lucy's library of indological volumes, a list of her
publications, or something else I am not aware of that she
compiled as a bibliography.  
Although neither of the first two are planned for publication per
se, either or both may certainly be shared (upon completion)
individually with members of the list by contacting me
(mbjones at  
Further, a posthumous volume of an intended work of hers, an
(undergrad level) introduction to Vedic Religion, may eventually
be forthcoming, though at this point her progress has not been

Thank you,
Michael Brattus Jones
Ph.D. student, Department of Asian Studies University of Texas at

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