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Dear list,

This is an announcement of a book  entitled
*Bhāskara and Piṅgala* *Relevance of their Mathematics in the Present
Context**Author:  Dr Padmanabha Rao Anantapur.*

Publisher: LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing.

The abstract of the content is:

"The book deals with the Methods of Bhāskara and Piṅgala, the focus being on
their relevance today. The Proofs and Concepts are explained and compared
with the Current Methods with reference to the following topics: The
Application of Rules of Three and Five to similar triangles and Gas Equation
PV=RT, pi as a Limit of an Infinite sequence, Radian Measure, Limit as a
sum, Bhāskara's Algorithm for manipulating infinitesimals, Geometric proof
of dsin(x) = cos(x)dx, Mean value Theorem, Use of Binomial Theorem to find
the root of any order, Pythagoras Theorem by Euclid and Bhāskara, Newton's
Fluxions and Bhāskara's Algorithm - a comparison, Some ingenious geometrical
constructions, Heron's formula as a special case of that of Brahmagupta,
Piṅgala's Combinatorial Mathematics, Binary System, Fibonacci Sequence and
Pascal's Triangle as an off-shoot of Prosody, Approximations to sine and
arcsine and Primitive ideas of Logarithm. The students, teachers, research
scholars and lovers of mathematics are entitled to the traditional knowledge
which will benefit them and inspire them to do research and produce
monumental works. Cover page design depicts Pythagoras theorem at a glance!"

With regards,
Amba Kulkarni

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