phala śruti verses

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Wed Jun 8 02:21:29 UTC 2011

Dear McTomas,

Therorise might be a bit of an overstatement word, but I did explore the
implications of phalaśrutis in my masters thesis on the Ārya Saṅghāṭa sūtra,
a Buddhist sūtra. Much of the sūtra itself can be read as an
extended phalaśruti. I found very little on the topic in the literature that
had been published at the time (2003).

If you are interested, it has the rather long title of *Reading the *Saṅgh
āṭasūtra: Time, Narrative and the Ethical Formation of Persons *in a
Mahāyāna Buddhist Text of Great Claims* and is available through the
University of Wisconsin-Madison library.  I can also direct you to an
electronic copy if you contact me off-list.

Warm regards,

Damcho Diana Finnegan
PhD, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Independent Researcher


> Date:    Thu, 2 Jun 2011 12:51:53 +1000
> From:    McComas Taylor <McComas.Taylor at ANU.EDU.AU>
> Subject: phala=?iso-8859-2?Q?=B6ruti?= verses
> Dear Colleagues
> Has anyone attempted to theorise phala=B6ruti verses. I have searched the
> major databases but have been unable to find anything.
> Any guidance gratefully received
> With thanks in advance
> McComas

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