Samkarsana's connection with liquor

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The Artha/saastra passage is discussed by Andreas Bigger, in his book

Balaraama im Mahaabhaarata: seine Darstellung im Rahmen des Textes 
und seiner Entwicklung, Otto Harrassowitz Verlag, Freiburger Beiträge 
zur Indologie vol. 30, 1998, pp. 5 sq.,ou=Purana-active,ou=Purana,dc=uni-goettingen,dc=de;lang=de

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>Date: Sun, 24 Jul 2011 10:52:47 +0300
>From: Asko Parpola <asko.parpola at HELSINKI.FI>
>Subject: [INDOLOGY] Samkarsana's connection with liquor
>On Sa?kar?a?a and his connection with liquor see pp. 365-6 and 369 in:
>Parpola, Asko, 2002. Pandaíï and S¥tÇ: On the historical background 
>of the Sanskrit epics. Journal of the American Oriental Society 122 
>(2): 361-373.
>In the above paper, I am arguing that Sa?kar?a?a/BalarÇma partly 
>goes back to one of the AÊvins/NÇsatyas; his original Indo-Iranian 
>drink was honey-beer, see pp. 39-41 in:
>Parpola, Asko, 2005. The NÇsatyas, the chariot and Proto-Aryan 
>religion. Journal of Indological Studies 16 & 17 (2004-2005): 1-63. 
>In a publication that is just coming out, I am discussing at length 
>BÇlarama/Sa?kar?a?a as the divine drinker of palm wine, who in this 
>role has replaced the wild ass (as recorded in the Dhenukavadha myth 
>of Hariva?Êa 57), the thirsty wild ass as the drinker par 
>excellence, his connection with the wine palm, with the mare-headed 
>demon who drinks so much ocean water as to cause the ebb of tide, 
>and his Harappan-Dravidian background:
>Parpola, Asko, and Juha Janhunen, 2011. On the Asiatic wild asses 
>(Equus hemionus & Equus kiang) and their vernacular names: New 
>revised version. Pp. 59-124 in: Toshiki Osada and Hitoshi Endo 
>(eds.), Linguistics, archaeology and the human past: Occasional 
>paper 12. Kyoto: Indus Project, Research Institute for Humanity and 
>With best regards, Asko Parpola
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>>Subject: [INDOLOGY] Query
>>Date: Sat, 23 Jul 2011 13:57:34 -0500
>>From: Patrick Olivelle <jpo at UTS.CC.UTEXAS.EDU>
>>Could the pa??itasabhÇ enlighten me on Sa?kar?a?a and his possible 
>>association with tribals, robbers, and liquor? He is mentioned 
>>within this kind of context in the ArthaÊÇstra, 13.3.54. Thanks.
>>Patrick Olivelle


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