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Dear All,

over the past few months I  asked some colleagues involved with early Indian sculpture
whether they could show me a good pdf of the Asoka statue at Kaganhalli, Sannati, Gulbarga, Karnataka.
I have a low resolution one but look for a better one. 

This sculpture clearly identifies the king in question as Raya Asoka (in fairly early post-Asokan Brahmi script, from the Satavahana period).

SEE: also <>
See also the faint cover of Puratattva/Indian Archaeology in 1998/9 (I think)


Also, some 10 years ago, the BBC broadcast that another statue of Asoka had been found in Orissa -- but we have not heard anything additional about it so far. Another Orissa stunt (like finding the real Lumbini in Orissa)?

Please let us know, and, if you have a good pdf, please send it to my address (as the lists usually strip all attachments from email messages)

A good weekend, still,

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