No incoming Sanskrit students at Andhra University :-(

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Dear Allen,

Since I am
not aware of the official position in the Universities at present I can speak
only from personal experience.

So long as one
was in the training Institute/process (Missionary School/College or generous individual
teachers; regular teaching in the Universities was not known to me), there was
no problem. The problem arose when pursuing the study. I could purchase two
good Latin Dictionaries but none supplied me with one of Classical/Homeric

It required
much effort and prayer to xerox a dictionary of Biblical Greek. 

To prevent misconception
I must add one more information. When I left the University, it did not become
difficult for me to purchase reader-cum-grammars like Pharr’s HG or Wright’s Grammar
of the Gothic language in Calcutta. Later I could also procure copies of comparative
linguistic studies like the ones by Buck or Sturtevant (Hittite). Publications
by Faber and Faber too are available in the market. It is the dictionaries of
some rare (in India) languages that are difficult to procure.

I hope the
position is clear.




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Dipak,You say, "Allen’s information confirms that this is true of Latin too. This also explains why in India one finds few problems in finding material for Latin study, but has to do much more labour, often unsuccessful, for Homeric or Classical Greek studies. Studying Biblical Greek is less of a problem!"When you say "finding material," do you mean finding textbooks to teach oneself, or courses given in academic institutions?By the way, does anyone know about the extent of offering Latin and Greek in Indian institutions in the colonial period, for the sake of the IAS exams, or for that matter other exams?  I looked into this once but couldn't find much.  I suppose among other things one would have to look at the course catalogs of the colleges and universities.  AllenAllen W. Thrasher, Ph.D.Senior Reference Librarian and Team CoordinatorSouth Asia TeamAsian DivisionLibrary of Congress101 Independence Ave., S.W.Washington, DC 20540-4810USAtel.
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