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The question below has been put by a non-member, via the committee - 
kindly address responses directly to Michael Cohen (mc1 at AOL.COM).

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Subject: 	permission to ask question
Date: 	Tue, 18 Jan 2011 20:51:20 +0100
From: 	Michael Cohen <mc1 at AOL.COM>
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Dear SIrs,
I have been a member in the past though my contributions were minor at
best. Presently, I have a straight forward request for a citation

"Iam trying to locate a footnote reference that cites three of Sankara's
disciples independently holding saksi in the place of "Ultimate
Experience". I'm misquoting but not grossly. Might anyone know and share
where this came from..

THanks, MIchael Cohen
MA, Religious Studies, Hinduism, Columbia Univ.198?
adjunct Hunter College, Eastern Religions 1995 - 2005+/-

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