Digital Mah āv yutpatti?

Wed Jan 12 19:52:23 UTC 2011

Dear James,

On Wed, Jan 12, 2011 at 03:46:23PM +0100, James Hartzell wrote:
> Dear Colleagues
> Does anyone know of a digital (Unicode) version of the Mahāvyutpatti?
> Cheers
> James Hartzell
> U. of Trento

A few options through Indica et Buddhica:

For download:

1./ Tibetan-Sanskrit Buddhist Terminology based on the `Mahavyutpatti'
    &  `Yogacarabhumi' (SAKAKI, Ryōzaburō / YOKOYAMA, Kōitsu & HIROSAWA, Takayuki)

    Can be used alone, or together, with the `Tibetan to English
    Translation / Dictionary Tool': v.

2./ Sanskrit-Tibetan Buddhist Terminology for use with the Dictionary
    Server Protocol (DICT) (Source as above)

For online search:

1./ Lexica: Query Interface for Sanskrit, Tibetan and English word
    lists and dictionary (Source as above)

    N.B.: Any DICT Client can retrieve definitions from the IeB DICT
    server. Please connect to:

2./ Philologica Indica et Buddhica Version of MVY.
    Hoshu Mitsuhara & Tooru Aiba, editor(s), Sanskrit-Tibetan Buddhist
    Terminology based on the Mahāvyutpatti,
    (, 2000), ASCII text file using Extended
    Wylie and Harvard-Kyoto transliteration for Tibetan and Sanskrit
    respectively; mvyut-2000.a1-wk; approx. 950 KB
    (Id. No. 0009-00000009). Source note :: Base edn: Ryōzaburō Sakaki,
    ed.. Base e-texts: Hoshu Mitsuhara & Tooru Aiba. Reformating and
    conversion to TEI markup: Richard Mahoney. LCSH Keywords :: Tibetan
    language, Dictionaries - Polyglot; Buddhism - Terminology, Early works
    to 1800.

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