CEAS, Bucharest: 2nd Intesive Course on Codicology

Julieta Rotaru rotaru.julieta at GMAIL.COM
Wed Jan 12 13:10:02 UTC 2011

Dear Colleagues,

I have the pleasure to announce that the Centre for Eurasiatic and
Afroasiatic Studies (CEAS) – Bucharest, will hold its second Intensive
Course in Manuscriptology, 12-17 September 2011.

Please find below the relevant information.

Thanking you,

Julieta Rotaru

Associate Lecturer, University of Bucharest

Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literature

The Second Intensive Course on Manuscriptology:

Title: History and development of North-Indian Scripts

(old Nāgarī and early Devanāgarī)

Course Description:

Among ancient scripts, many scholars expect Nāgarī to be a relatively

easy one because it is thought to be close to the well-known modern

form of Devanāgarī. However, in several respects old Nāgarī and even

early Devanāgarī are closer to Brāhmī, early Gupta script and to the

sister script Siddhamātṛkā  than to modern Devanāgarī. In order to

master old Nāgarī and early Devanāgarī it is therefore important to

study them in their historical context.

The course will contain the following sections.

i. Introduction: the origin and development of scripts in ancient

India (northern branch);

ii. Learning, writing and reading the old Nāgarī script;

ii. Learning the style and varieties of

a. old Nāgarī (inscriptions to manuscripts);

b. early Devanāgarī (manuscripts) with pṛṣṭamātrā;

iii. Practice with the reading of manuscripts;

iv. A certificate will be provided for active and successful participation.

Date: 12-17 September 2011

Materials: to be provided


The course participants will be invited after approval of their brief

CV and motivation letter which are to be submitted in advance to

julieta.rotaru at bmms.ro / s.rath at iias.nl before 1st June 2011. The

tuition fees are integrally covered by the CEAS.

For participants from abroad rooms have been reserved (in a moderate

price) in the Guest House of the University of Bucharest, just 10

minutes from the venue of the course.

Requirement: basic knowledge in Sanskrit.


Centre for Eurasiatic and Afroasiatic Studies

Take Ionescu Street, no. 4, 010354 Bucharest



Dr. Saraju Rath

International Institute for Asian Studies (IIAS)

Leiden, The Netherlands

email: s.rath at iias.nl

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