Buddha Jayanti

Jan Filipský filipsky at RZONE.CZ
Wed Feb 23 15:10:32 UTC 2011

Dear All,

would any list member do me the favour and send me (off-list) .pdf versions
of the following articles touching upon the Buddha Jayanti, viz.


Coedes, George ­- Richter, F.: "The Twenty-Five-Hundredth Anniversary of the
Buddha." Diogenes, Sept. 1956, Vol. 4, 15: pp. 95-111 

(the German version by Coedes, "Der 2500. Geburtstag Buddhas", Diogenes IV,
1957, or the French one, "Le 2500. Anniversaire du Bouddha", Diogene, No.
15, July, 1956 would also be fine)


Ames, Michael, Ideological and Social Change in Ceylon. Human Organization,
Vol. 22, No. 1 / Spring 1963, pp. 45-53.

Sincere thanks to all and sundry for your invaluable assistance.

Jan Filipsky


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