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Arlo and Sekar,

Just to illustrate the type of curse in all-Tamil inscriptions mentioned by Palaniappan, a typical form is:

itukku vikātam pa.n.ni_nava_n ke:nkaikkaraiyil kaaraampacuvaikko_n_ra doo.sattil poovaaraakavum kumara_n tu.nai ||
He who obstructs this charity shall go in the sin of one who has killed a black cow on the banks of the Ganges. May Kumara
help us!

This example is from Burgess, Tamil and Sanskrit Inscriptions (1886), temple inscription from Tirupparankunram, pp. 41-43 (with Natesa Sastri's translation). 

Very similar is the first Setupati copper-plate, pp. 62-65, a fascinating document of 1600 confirming a shepherd's claim to contested land.  It too ends with an imprecation:

[lines 82-86] ... yenta ceppuppa.t.taiyam ya_navoorum kuu.ti ceyta pa.t.taiyattukku turata:nka.l pa.n.niṉavaṉ kaaveerikkaraiyil kaa_raapacuvai ko.n.ta toocattilee poovaa_raakavum [witnesses listed here, engraver acknowledged, etc., ending line 96:] tu.nai ||
If any one injfures this grant executed by us all conjointly he shall go in the sin of having killed a black cow on the banks of the Kāvērī ... My Kamakshi help us!

And a few pages on, in another Setupati CP (pp. 67-68):
[lines 43-47] ... itarkku aaraailum akitam pa.n.ni_napeerka.l ke:nkaikkaraayilee kaaraampacuvaiko_n_na tocattileeyum pi_rumakkatipa.n.ni_na toocattileeyum maataapitaavai ko_n_na toocattileeyum poovaaraakavum |
He who injures this charity shall go in the sin of having, on the banks of Ganges, murdered a black cow, Brahmans, and his father and mother.

There are more besides — you get the picture.

P.S., "Punishment and expiation" can be downloaded here:

(Sekar yang baik, 
Saya berharap bahwa ini membantu.)


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