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> Hi Bob,
> W. McLeod's Historical Dictionary of Sikhism, p. 15, mentions ANAND
> GHAN. An Udasi scholar of the late 18th and early 19th centuries
> who, living in Banaras, wrote commentaries on the Adi Granth
> strongly influenced by Brahmanical thought.
> Sounds like this might be your man.
> Otherwise, a quick google search shows that Anand Ghan
> was a pseudonym once used by Lata Mangeshkar...

And with Google to the rescue again ... v. pg. 2396 of:

Main Title: 	Encyclopaedia of Hinduism / editor-in-chief, Nagendra Kr. Singh.
Main Title: 	Encyclopaedia of Hinduism : a continuing series
Published/Created: 	[New Delhi?] : Centre International Religious Studies.
Published/Created: 	New Delhi : Anmol Publications, 1997-2001.

for ref. to Gośā'in Anandghan of Delhi who was holed up in Benares
trans. from Skt to Persian from 1791 to 1792.

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