Adhy ātma Rāmāyaṇa

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Hi Bob,

George Nicholls' /Sketch of the Rise**and Progress of the Benares 
Patshalla or Sanskrit College, now forming the Sanskrit Department of 
the Benares College/ (1907) lists Gosain Anand Gir as professor of 
purāṇas in the first list of professors at the college, i.e. late 1790s 
- early 1800s (p. 4).  I cannot make out enough of the name of the 
translation's author to see if the two names can be reconciled.


On 2/15/11 3:36 PM, Robert Goldman wrote:
> Dear Colleagues, (I hope that this comes through better than y past 
> posting.)
> A local gentleman, a California winemaker by profession, visited me 
> today to ask me about a book in his possession that had belonged to 
> his late grandfather.  Upon inspection I found it to be a two volume 
> set consisting of a handwritten English translation of the Adhyātma 
> Rāmāyaṇa with an introduction by one Anand Ghan who describes himself  
> as "A Member of the College of Brahmins at Benares" and who claims 
> that he translated the text from "Sanscrit into Persian" and "Again 
> translated from the Persian into English".  It is dated 1804 and 
> appears to have been purchased in India, perhaps by the grandfather 
> for Rs. 8.
> The book is in quite good condition. The handwriting is quite clear 
> and the English excellent.
> The owner was reluctant to leave the book with me but  I was able to 
> take  two images from it that I snapped with my mobile phone. One is 
> of the title page of the first volume and one is from a randomly 
> opened page to show what the text itself looks like.
> I would be interested to know if any of you know anything about  Pt. 
> Ghan or the history of his double translation.
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