What is the writing on the attached image?

Richard Salomon rsalomon at U.WASHINGTON.EDU
Mon Feb 14 19:10:46 UTC 2011

A very strange choice of text for this stamp!

By the way,  I have a small collection of Indian stamps with Sanskrit texts 
or Sanskrit-literature related themes (e.g., Gilgit manuscripts). There are 
quite a few. I could provide a list if anyone is interested.

Rich Salomon

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> Madhav,
> They appear to be a version of the Brahmi numerals, 1 through 9.
> See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brahmi_numeral
> best,
> Dan
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>>I have attached an image of the Indian postal stamp showing the picture of
>>Pāṇini.  Does the vertical writing to the left of Pāṇini mean anything?
>> Madhav

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