Question about Navya-Nyaaya

Michael Williams Michael.Williams at POSTGRAD.MANCHESTER.AC.UK
Sat Feb 5 16:32:20 UTC 2011

Dear Indologists,

I am working on Vyaasatiirtha's Nyaayaam.rta and its literature from the Maadhva school. Vyaasatiirtha's commentators seem to be using a theory from Navya-Nyaaya which I haven't been able to trace. The question is how to deal with inferences which have multiple saadhyataavacchedakas. According to Daniel Ingalls in his Materials for the Study of NN Logic, Raghunaatha and Gadaadhara developed a way of treating such inferences using vyaasajyav.rtti dharmas and the paryaapti relationship. Unfortunately, Ingalls only develops this point cryptically and briefly in a footnote on p. 77 of that work. This might be a bit obscure, but if it does  ring a bell with any Navya-Naiyaayikas out there who have come across a primary or secondary resource which deals with this in more depth, I'd be very grateful if you could point it out.

Many thanks,

Michael Williams,
University of Manchester.

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