suppliers of India game boards?

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Dear Jean-Michel,

Thank you for the information, which I have forwarded to my inquirer.


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Dear Allen,

Sorry for the late answer. A friend of mine, passionate about games, provided the following address : Sawantwadi Lacquerwares, The Palace, Sawantwadi, Maharashtra, 416510, tel. (02363)272010, Email Sawlac-swd at The presentation reads : "Workshop and Showroom - In the heritage Palace you will experience the making of the Traditional Ganjifa Cards, Playing cards, Toys, Indian traditional games, etc. If you wish to purchase any of the above items, they are available, etc."
I hope this could help. By the way, I am also interested by ancient Indian games. Could Venetia be kind enough to put me also in touch with Dr Wakanker ? Concerning carrom, they are very easy to find in Trivandrum too.

Best regards,

Jean Michel Delire,
Lecturer on "Science and Civilization in India - Sanskrit Texts" at the IHEB, Centre Altaïr for the History of Science (University of Brussels)

>Dear Allen,
>There is a gentleman in Gujarat, Dr Wakanker, who has done much 
>research on traditional Indian games.  Would you like me to put you in touch?
>If carrom boards are of interest, there is at least one manufacturer 
>that I have used in Bangalore.  Again I can dig out the details if helpful.
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>> Many thanks to Christopher Vielle and Johannes Schneider for their 
>> suggestions.
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