Linguistic software SanskritTagger

Oliver Hellwig hellwig7 at GMX.DE
Wed Dec 28 19:05:27 UTC 2011

Dear list,

as announced a few days ago, the linguistic program SanskritTagger is now 
available as freeware at

SanskritTagger has been used to build the Digital Corpus of Sanskrit. 
Please refer to
for a very short introduction into the (technical) background of the 
program and for some links to papers describing it.

Some additional remarks:
* The download consists of two parts: the program itself and the database. 
Although the database is zipped, it is still quite large (~250 MB), so you 
should download it over a fast internet connection.
* Some less important parts of the user interface and of the help file are 
still in German. These parts will be translated into English in the next 
releases of the program.
* If you have questions about how to use the program or some of its 
functions, you may mail me, or post them in the discussion forum found at 
* Finally, to answer one of the most frequently asked questions right here: 
SanskritTaggger is built for Windows, and the program relies quite heavily 
on Windows APIs. I do not know whether it is possible to run the program on 
another operation system.

Hope it helps to promote the computational processing of Sanskrit!

Best regards,
Oliver Hellwig

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