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Dear members of the list,


Once again, I am forwarding a message from Brian Akers, who is not on
Indology. If anyone can help, he'd be delighted.


Best regards,


Lars Martin Fosse


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Fra: Sfauthor at aol.com [mailto:Sfauthor at aol.com] 
Sendt: 21. desember 2011 21:28
Til: lmfosse at getmail.no; lmfosse at online.no
Emne: 2nd try


Big thanks to Lars for posting my request, and an even bigger thanks to
Steven Lindquist for his helpful suggestion. Unfortunately, I made the
switch to OS X about four years ago and no longer have that file on my
computer. I still have the original floppy disk that I purchased twenty
years ago, but now none of our computers have a floppy-disk drive!

I realize that what I'm asking for is a bit of a hassle, so I'd be delighted
to send the first person living in the United States who sends the updated
Ecological Linguistics Devanagari font for Mac OS X to sfauthor at aol.com a
complete set of our paperbacks <http://www.yogavidya.com/complete.html> in

Brian Dana Akers

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