Identity of Sam.rddha / 'byor ldan

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Dear Colleagues,

Naagaarjuna's contains a list of Ancient Indian
scholars and sages including one 'byor ldan (Sam.rddha?). The only
reference to this name I could find is in Vettam Mani: Puraa.nic
Encyclopaedia, Motilal Banarsidass, Delhi, 1979: 680:

"Sam.rddha: A naaga (serpent) born in the family of Dh.rtaraa.s.tra. The
serpent was burnt to death in the sacrificial fire of the serpent
sacrifice of Janamejaya."

Given the other members of the list it seems likely that this not the
intended referent, however. Any hints on the identity of this character
would be much appreciated.


Jan Westerhoff

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