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 Access All Areas


Dear Colleague [http://pharmaprojects.msgfocus.com/files/tfinf_tandf/user_160/AAA_100_x_100.jpg] <http://sci.scientific-direct.net/c/1003998/440d9a143e54f11a/2>

We would like to let you know about our Access All Areas campaign. This campaign offers you free online access to all of our Routledge Area Studies and related journal content. This offer ends Friday 16th December.

Simply click this link<http://sci.scientific-direct.net/c/1003998/440d9a143e54f11a/2> and either sign in or register with Taylor & Francis Online. You will then be directed to the Area Studies browse page where you can access journal articles for free.

If you log out of Taylor & Francis Online you must log back in using the same account, to once again gain access to Access All Areas.

How will this benefit you?

You will have access to over 150 journals until Friday 16th December covering our Area Studies portfolio which includes the following subject areas: African, American, Asian, Central Asian, Russian & Eastern European, Latin American & Hispanic and Middle Eastern Studies.

Spread the word!

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If you have any questions about this offer please do get in contact. My email address is linked below.

Best wishes,

James Gottfried
<mailto:james.gottfried at tandf.co.uk>Senior Marketing Executive
Routledge Area Studies Journals

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