Identification of rivers

James Mallinson jim at KHECARI.COM
Thu Apr 28 13:42:09 UTC 2011

Dear list,

In a chapter on micro/macrocosmic equivalents in the  
Siddhasiddhāntapaddhati, which, because of parallel passages in other  
works, I suspect has at least a connection with Kashmir, we find the  
following list of nine rivers:

pīnasā yamunā gaṅgā candrabhāgā sarasvatī|
vipāśā śatarudrā ca śrīrātriś caiva narmadā ||3.11||

The inclusion of the Candrabhāgā ( = Chenab ) and Vipāśā ( =  
Beas ) with the more famous Yamunā, Gaṅgā, Sarasvatī and Narmadā  
bolsters the Kashmir hypothesis. I am yet to identify the remaining  
three rivers, Pīnasā, Śatarudrā and Śrīrātri. There is a variant  
pītāsa for pīnasā and it has been suggested that they might be  
corruptions of Vitastā ( = Jhelum). Śatarudrā might be a corruption  
of Śatadru ( = Sutlej). I have no ideas for Śrīrātri; if the  
emendation Śatadru is correct, the °drā ca could be a corruption of  
part of the river’s name.

Any suggestions gratefully received.


Jim Mallinson

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