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Dear list,

In my research on the Vedic schools of Mahārāṣṭra I have come across the
claim from many ṛgvedins reciters that they study the so-called* Daśagrantha
*s as their curriculum. These ten 'books' are: Saṁhitā, Brāhmaṇa,
Āraṇyaka, Śikṣā,
Kalpa, Vyākaraṇa, Nighaṇṭu, Nirukta, Chandas and Jyotiṣa. An alternative
list include the pada and krama (recitations), instead of Nighaṇṭu and Āraṇyaka
but give the list in a slight different order. Someone who claims to master
these "ten books" is entitled to the name daśagranthin/daśagranthī.

Does anyone here know how this particular list came to be put together? Why
are these the "ten books of the Ṛgveda"? Does anyone know of a ṛgvedin who
actually recites all these texts from memory? It seems that today it has
become not more than a prestigious title (and a inherited family name)
without the actual knowledge it is supposed to designate.

Any clues and suggestions towards more clarity on the subject would be much


(Maitreya) Borayin Larios
Jägerpfad 13
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