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Mon Sep 6 21:03:19 UTC 2010

Dear Jan,
	I hope this email finds you and Saraju well and happy.

	Are you going to the 4th International Sanskrit Computational  
Linguistics Symposium at JNU 10-12 December?  To the South Asian  
Linguistics Association Conference in Mysore 8-10 January?  Will you  
be in India anytime between 10 December and 24 January?  I'm planning  
my trip this winter to make circuit from Delhi to Hyderabad, Chennai,  
Pondichery, Mysore, Pune, and Mumbai between 9 December and 24  
January.  I hope our paths cross.  Please let me know your plans this  

	Have you finalized your paper form the 14th WSC in Kyoto about  
Semantics in Panini where you argued that Paninian derivation begins  
with speech forms already in view?  I would be interested in reading  
your full explanation of this argument.  Would you please send me a  
copy?  Or of something else you've written explaining your argument in  
greater detail?


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