E-text of Saddaniti?

Mark Allon mark.allon at SYDNEY.EDU.AU
Mon Oct 18 01:33:22 UTC 2010

Dear Madhav,

>      I would appreciate if someone has or knows how to access either a
> pdf or an e-text of Aggavamsa's Saddaniti.  Thanks.
> Madhav M. Deshpande

This was recently brought to my attention on another list (Pali Study

Vol. 1:     http://asi.nic.in/asi_books/2699.pdf
Vol. 2:     http://asi.nic.in/asi_books/2700.pdf
Vol. 3:     http://asi.nic.in/asi_books/2701.pdf
Vol. 4:     http://asi.nic.in/asi_books/2702.pdf
Vol. 5: 	http://asi.nic.in/asi_books/2665.pdf

It appears that Vol. 5: parts 1 and 2 (index of Pali words) are missing.


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