o ṃ ye te s vāhā

Arlo Griffiths arlogriffiths at HOTMAIL.COM
Tue Oct 12 06:33:00 UTC 2010

Dear colleagues,
There is a substantial number of (clay, metal) artefacts from ancient Java and Bali that bear, alone or with other mantric material, the words oṃ ye te svāhā. These have been interpreted, convincingly it seems to me, as abbreviation for the ye dharmā formula (the Pratītyasamutpādagāthā). Having read Boucher's, Skilling's and some other relevant publications of the last two decades, I am starting to get the impression that this abbreviation was only used in Indonesia, not elsewhere in the Buddhist world. But perhaps some of you can correct me if this impression is wrong? References to non-Indonesian cases of this or other abbreviated forms of the formula will be much appreciated.
Arlo Griffiths, EFEO/Jakarta 		 	   		  

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