Theories of light, vision or optics

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As for early Vedic, Rainer Stuhrmann's long article may be of interest: 

"Capturing the Light in the Rgveda: Soma as seen botanically, pharmologically, and in the eyes of the Kavis" 

 [EJVS 13.2, 2006]. 

Also now see Joanna Jurewicz's new book: 

*Fire and Cognition in the Rgveda* [Dom Wydawniczy ELIPSA. 2010], which usefully resorts to current cognitive linguistics to 'illuminate' the semantics of light, fire, and cognition in the RV.  

These are two important new resources on the topic of light in the RV. 

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  Dear all, 

A colleague historian of physics asks me for good secondary literature 
on theories of light, vision or optics, in ancient and medieval India. 
I've copied for him Subbarayapa's chapter on the history of physics in a 
Concise History of Science, INSA, 1971, for starters, but was wondering 
if were available more recent and detailed studies on such topics in 
more specific nyayavaizesika, buddhist or ayurvedic texts for example. 



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