DK Award for the outstanding doctoral thesis on Sanskrit (IASS)

J L Brockington J.L.Brockington at ED.AC.UK
Mon Oct 11 12:01:40 UTC 2010

Dear fellow Indologists,

This message is to inform you all about the timetable and conditions  
for the next DK award for the outstanding doctoral thesis on Sanskrit  
offered through the International Association of Sanskrit Studies.  In  
the light of the date for the next World Sanskrit Conference (New  
Delhi, 5th-10th January 2012) having been set so much earlier in the  
calendar year, some adjustment to the published timetable was  
necessary.  The IASS Board have decided that the deadline for  
submissions of 31st January 2012 should be retained and Ramesh K.  
Mittal for DK Agencies has kindly agreed to this.  This means,  
however, that the announcement of the winner cannot be made at the WSC  
and will be made subsequently.

I will add at the end of this message the text of the flier, which  
gives all the necessary terms and conditions, but let me briefly point  
out that it is open to doctoral students from outside South Asia only  
and that the thesis must have been submitted and approved during the  
three preceding calendars years (i.e. 2009-2011).  Do encourage any  
eligible student that you supervise, or simply know of, to enter; the  
more entrants the more worthwhile the award will be -- for the winner,  
for the IASS and for the discipline as a whole. Feel free to forward  
this text to anyone interested, or I still have copies of the glossy  
flier produced by DK that I can send, if anyone prefers a paper copy.

Yours sincerely

John Brockington

Professor J. L. Brockington
Secretary General, International Association of Sanskrit Studies
Asian Studies
7-8 Buccleuch Place
Edinburgh EH8 9LW

DK award for the outstanding doctoral thesis on Sanskrit

This award will be given every three years to a scholar of Sanskrit,  
who is based outside South Asia (India, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh,  
Pakistan, Sri Lanka and the Maldives), since its purpose is to  
encourage scholarly study of Sanskrit beyond the subcontinent, and it  
will consist of DK books to the value of US$ 1000.

It will be awarded on the basis of the first doctoral dissertation of  
a postgraduate student on a Sanskrit topic, provided that the  
dissertation has been accepted and the degree awarded by a university  
or institution of comparable status outside South Asia during the  
three calendar years preceding the year in which each World Sanskrit  
Conference (WSC) is held.

The International Association of Sanskrit Studies (IASS) will form an  
adjudication panel of three to four members to evaluate the  
dissertations received and to announce its decision at the next WSC.


1.	Scholars interested in this award should first give notice of  
intention to compete and will then be required to submit one copy of  
their thesis, together with a photocopy of the degree document and a  
letter of support from their main supervisor, to the screening panel  
before the deadline of 31st January of the year in which the WSC will  
take place; in addition to the paper copy, candidates for the award  
should also submit the thesis in electronic form, if possible, and  
should send all documentation to the Secretary General of the IASS.    
Candidates shall also send their CVs to D.K. Agencies (P) Ltd., New  
Delhi for their information.

2.	A Sanskrit topic is to be understood as one concerned primarily  
with the Sanskrit language, Sanskrit literature or the subject matter  
of a text or texts composed in Sanskrit.

3.	The IASS will decide and announce the membership of the  
adjudication panel at each WSC.   The adjudication panel will examine  
all theses so received and decide the name of the award winner before  
the conference.   The decision of the panel shall be treated as final.  
   The name of the award winner will be announced during the  
conference and a certificate issued to the winner.   In the event of  
the panel deciding that two dissertations tie for first place, there  
may be a maximum of two joint award winners.   The panel (either  
directly or through the Secretary General of the IASS) will inform  
D.K. Agencies (P) Ltd., New Delhi about the name and address of the  
award winner(s).

4.	The award will be in the form of books worth US$ 1000.00 (inclusive  
of postage) to be selected by the awardee either from the DK website  
<> or their catalogues at the prices stated  
therein.   The amount of the award cannot be converted or reimbursed  
in cash or any other form except books and the postage thereon.   In  
the event of a tie, this amount will be divided equally among the two  
award winners.

5.	D.K. Agencies (P) Ltd. do not take responsibility for any  
expenditures other than the books worth $ 1000.00 (inclusive of  
postage) to be made available to the award winner(s).   D.K. Agencies  
are simply the sponsors of this award in the form of books.   D.K.  
Agencies (P) Ltd. reserve the right to withdraw this award with effect  
from a subsequent conference by announcing its withdrawal during any  


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