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The Aryabhatiya (499 AD) actually defines koti as the 7th power of ten in chapter II (Ganita) 2, which enumerates the successive powers of ten, from one (= ten to the power of zero) : eka.m da'sa ca 'sata.m ca sahasramayutaniyute tathaa prayutam / ko.tyarbuda.m ca v.rnda.m sthaanaat sthaana.m da' syaat //

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>Dear Colleagues, 
>I have a question that Randy Kloetzli has asked me to communicate to INDOLOGY: "Is there some scholarship regarding the number known as the  koti? Its value is 10 to the 7th power or 1 followed by 7 zeroes. Monier-Williams says only that it is the largest of the old order of numbers." 
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