Raining Blood: rudhiravar ṣa

Asko Parpola asko.parpola at HELSINKI.FI
Tue Nov 16 12:47:01 UTC 2010

In RaamaayaNa 3,22,1 "a rumbling storm cloud" (mahaameghas tumulo),  
"ruddy as the wild ass" (gardabhaaruNaH, not "mule-gray" as translated  
by Pollock 1990: III,133), "rained water red as blood" (zoNitodakam  
abhyavarSat). This is one of many ominous portents mentioned in this  

Best regards, Asko Parpola

Quoting "James Hegarty" <hegartyjm at GOOGLEMAIL.COM>:

> Dear Colleagues,
> Has anyone come across this term (rudhiravarṣa) outside of the war  
> books of the Mahābhārata?
> I am especially interested where it occurs as a portent of future  
> violence etc. I am aware of its use in Buddhist accounts of the  
> birth of Ajātaśatru, but that is about it!
> I have the wörterbuch entry, but the information here is somewhat  
> lacking in context, by its very nature.
> Can anyone help me?
> With All Best Wishes,
> James Hegarty
> Cardiff University

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