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A few weeks ago I posted some remarks on the Indo-Eurasian list about claims to have 'seen' or 'heard' new scriptures or long-lost ancient texts.  One person got back to me privately asking further information:

"I was reading some messages about the Pranava-Vada when I came across an exchange you wrote here:
 In that exchange, you said "There was a man who gave a talk at the Dept. of Sanskrit, Poona University
during my first stay of 1969-70, who claimed to have seen new Vedic hymns, which
had been published in a nice format. I can't recall his name. Punditji (S.D.
Joshi) admitted that the language was Vedic but was not an adherent.""

No one added anything on Indo-Eurasian about who this man was, and various search strategies on our OPAC and Google have turned up nothing.  Does anyone on this list remember the man, his name, and perhaps the title of the collection of new hymns?

Apparently "nice format" was ambiguous.  I meant not that they existed in an attractive manuscript but they had been printed and published in one or more well-got-up volumes.


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