New EJVS: Mantra Index to Hir.Sr.S.

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Dear All,

we are glad to inform you that a new issue of the
Electronic Journal of Vedic Studies has just been released,


Vol. 17, Issue 1 (Nov. 2010)

Mantra List of the Hiraṇyakeśi Śrautasūtra
--Addition to "A Vedic Concordance"---


Makoto Fushimi.

Download by hitting:
VOL. 17 (2010), ISSUE 1 (November)

NB: Four Issues following shortly, on:
  Early Indian art on a Bronze Age Siberian mirror; The Rgvedic  
Sarasvati as warrior goddess; The Harappan and later Unicorn, Vedic  
Gotras and Brahmanical movement to the South...


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